Friday, 14 May 2010

Reenactment: The Ancient Greeks go to Bushey Park

There is a legend that Brutus came to this island after the fall of Troy and founded London. Last weekend proved to me that, if he did indeed come to Britain, then he would not have retained his Mediterranean garb. I know because I wore it and nearly froze to death.

I became a member of The Hoplite Association at the end of last summer and I joined them for my first show a week ago. This was in Bushey Park which borders the stately Hampton Court Palace. The site is not far from my home in Hackney and so I choose to commute for the two days rather than camp. This was fortuitous because the weather was plain awful. I borrowed a spare Persian outfit from Hoplite Steve and this covered my three shirts and two pairs of leggings (but not my socks, as the first photo below reveals).

We are a small reenactment society and can never compete with our peers in putting on large displays. Consequently we focus on audience interaction and make great efforts to talk to the public and engage them in discussion. I really enjoyed "working the crowd line" as the public were very happy (if somewhat surprised) to see us.

It was a great day and a highlight for me was watching Hoplite Andy reign himself in when someone asked him if he was a Viking.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. The Greek helmet is particularly awesome!