Sunday, 2 May 2010

New work: Mantic Games' design competition entry

Below is my entry to the Mantic Games' "Design a sleeve" contest which closed on Friday.

Mantic opened for business in 2009 and has swiftly proved itself a heavyweight in the mini world. They produce excellent quality plastic fantasy figures at a price point just below that of the industry leaders, Games Workshop. Mantic immediately caught my eye when they began trading because of their slick packaging and corporate design which was both highly professional, restrained and mature. This is a combination rarely seen in the fantasy wargames market. When they announced their competition, I was keen to have a crack.

Amongst the company's innovations are the boxes Mantic's minis come in. These are akin to VHS video boxes in their general shape with layers of foam inside to protect the mini sprues. Once the sprues are removed, the boxes with their foam doubles as containers for the completed minis. This is the kind of considerate thought that has assured the swift rise of the upstart company. Mantic is about to start selling empty boxes to customers needing more transport space and their competition was to design a sleeve for these empty cases.

My approach to the challenge was to ensure my design; a) was consistent with their current corporate image b) yet showed a degree of freshness and c) was not tied to one race (being empty boxes they could be used to transport any race). I found it difficult not to wed my scheme to any one race. I opted not to use any of Mantic's illustrations because of this problem and I think my solution of using the silhouettes does the trick.

It was a fun little side project to do and I am pretty pleased with the results.

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