Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lucky Little Dice

A week or so ago I held the second Lucky Little Dice - my board games club. We gathered again at Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green at the kind invitation of Sheriff Vanderhorne. Much fun was had, many games were played and I think everyone drank more than they should have.

I played (and was deeply baffled by) Fluxx and we cracked open a copy of Arkham Horror. However, we decided it was too late to start reading the rules for the latter and we'd probably drunk so much that we'd be easy fodder for the Old Ones. Instead we pored over the wonderful artwork and marvelled at Miss Miranda's efforts to imitate the sounds each Mythos nasty would make. My she's a talented girl, and here's her slightly NSFW blog.

Miss Miranda with her favourite Mythos critter.
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