Saturday, 6 February 2010

Incursion unboxing photos

We have a man at work called "Paul the Post". He has an encyclopedic knowledge of where every single employee in an office of 300 staff sits. You only need to tell him once where someone's desk is and he will reliably bring all post that is urgent or packages to that spot.
"Are you expecting a package?" he asked yesterday.
"Yes" I replied, knowing a new hard disk was on its way. "That's..." I paused as I saw the West Wind logo on the box. "...not it, but I'll take it anyway."

Thus my copy of Incursion arrived. I was the lead graphic designer on the project and it's been an amazing journey. At first I was tempted to think that the outer shipping box contained two copies as it weighed so much. That night I discovered the truth - a single copy of the game is a monster filled with great quantities of high-quality cardstock. Even the decks of cards are solid and have a wonderful finish. Jim at Grindhouse Games has done a fantastic job in managing the printing (and, indeed, the whole project), David Ansloos' layouts and board artwork are stunning and Keith Lowe's illustrations are beautiful. With regard to the boxed release, they are the most visible folk, but with them is a whole raft of talented artists, sculptors and rules-smiths who have labored over this game and the line of miniatures.

It's one heck of a package of "Good ol' Detroit engineering" so grab yourself a copy now.