Sunday, 24 January 2010

Want a PC that works? Then don't call Mesh...

According to Woodstream, cockroaches get into the cracks and crevices of homes, taking up residence in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under appliances and furniture. An adult female cockroach can produce hundreds of thousands of offspring in her seven to eight-month life span.

Eight months is also the life expectancy of a PC bought from Mesh Computers. Except that a Mesh is less capable than a cockroach as it cannot produce a single offspring, let alone thousands. Roaches make their way into your home of their own accord and don't cost much when they there (unless you want them to leave which, admittedly, is an expensive proposition). By contrast the Mesh PC costs hundreds of pounds, arrives late, transpires to be incomplete and those bits that are missing only get refunded after weeks of chasing. Mesh PCs die after eight months. This begins with intermittent hanging, then proceeds to a cheery message which tells you that the hard disk has failed. Frankly, if they were animals they would be extinct by now, but the manufacturers still seem to be producing the buggers despite the principles of evolution being heavily stacked against them.

So, if you want a PC which works for more than eight months DON'T BUY IT FROM MESH COMPUTERS. In fact, don't buy a PC at all and get a Mac, which is what I'll be doing next time.


  1. Fucking hilarious picture!

  2. Ahhh, longtime Apple user here. No plans to return to the world of Windows though, should I do so, I'll avoid Mesh like the plague :)