Thursday, 31 December 2009

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition

Some things in life terrify me a great deal. I think other people are perhaps a bit less afraid of the world than I am. My friend Bella is one of them. "Do you want to go to Oxford to see the Steampunk exhibition?", I asked. "OK", she said, "but I am due to give birth in two weeks' time so I could go into labor at any moment". She went to collect the nearest streetcar. On her bike. "She'll be fine" said her husband, "she cycled to Harrods a few days ago".

Despite her soon-to-be firstborn jabbing his little limbs into Bella's bladder, we made it to Oxford in good time. The Oxford University Museum of the History of Science is host to the UK's most high-profile Steampunk Exhibition to date. I had done little reading on the content of the show but was pleasantly surprised - the curators have picked works from the sub-culture's most prominent Makers. It was great to see so many things in the flesh that I have only viewed online. Kris Kuksi's work, in particular, is stunning. The building that houses the museum is amazing and, with its permanent collection of scientific artifacts, is an admirable venue given the subject matter.

My little Canon Ixus was no good for wide shots in the low light, so I leave you with some close-ups. Bella was very envious of Molly Friedrich's Mechanical Womb.

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