Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The job that never was

As some readers know, graphic design is not my main source of income. By a long shot. I work for the UK's National Health Service (the NHS, our state-funded healthcare system). I could not possibly hope to survive in London without a steady income. This makes my life a game-of-two-halves but I like it that way for the time being. Quite a few of my colleagues know I do design, but I don't make too big a deal about it in the office.

One day a colleague asked me to quote for an interesting little job. Her family have owned a large house in Ireland for several generations and she had a lot of photos she wanted presented in a montage of some kind. Amongst the shots were pictures of a wonderful stained glass window. My colleague explained that this window is in the house and is made from fragments of beach glass, shells and whatnot that she and her family had found on their walks along the coastline. I did a mock-up for her showing the photos composited into the window. It is shown below. I was quite satisfied by this but ultimately it was not a go-er. The labour involed would have made the job too costly and this was compounded by her not having any high-rez shots of the window (I mooted re-creating it in Photoshop but that would only add to the hours). I presented a few other ideas to her but I think her enthusiasm had faded. I sometimes come across my mockup in Picasa and a bit of me regrets that the job did not go through as it would have been a nice thing to do.

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