Saturday, 1 February 2020

All aboard the Space Hulk - Part 5

I'm coming to the end of the painting phase of my Space Hulk project. I intend to do some studio shots of elements before I glue them all together. Here's a little update on what's been going on in each of the four rooms...

The Morgue

I've gone for a slightly cooler palette here which you can see on the door below. This means any brown or red rust elements really pop. The bottom photo here is where elements are most finished. You can see how the green floor means the pale walls stand out.



This is the door from the Gallery to the Ward. Once you get your chipping sponges and paints all set up it's really easy to knock these out. I didn't want to spend too much time on them, so the only sections where I bothered to add colour over the spray basecoat were the actual doors themselves. The darker grey one is Mechanicus Grey, while the paler one is, if I remember correctly, a mix of the Contrast paints (Apothecary White and Aethermatic Blue thinned with the Medium).

The Gallery

I finally got around to finishing my custom decals and applying them. As mentioned, it's JC Leyendecker art I've abused in Photoshop. I really need to explain more about this. But I kind of feel it deserves its own post.

Below is the floor of the Gallery (the chequered 'L' shape) and the remainder of the Ward. The Ward therefore spans two tiles. The block above will be glued onto the white area.

The Surgery

This was the room I finished first I think. The cool grey top pieces really pop against the red and creme of the walls. As you can see from the final shot, it's suitably terrifying when lit properly! Admittedly the Night Lord murder-hobo-ing around doesn't help...

The Ward

Below is a shot with everything set up. I need to add blood splats to all the pieces, but it's otherwise done. To the rear of this photo you can see the split in the tiles, and you can just make out the pile of skulls and candles which are shown on the plan photo of the Gallery tile, above.


  1. This terrain is breath-takingly good!

  2. This is superb. The wire isn't quite to my tastes but everything is brilliantly done. I love the slightly primitive quality to the walls, like an old battleship. Really nice work.

    1. I admit the wire didn't quite work out how I wanted. Plus it makes everything really hard to paint! But sometimes you've got to experiement :-)

  3. Maybe it's because I've been reading through the Dark Heresy adventure "Edge of Darkness" several times (as a source of inspiration for my own radical Neo-Thorian splinter faction) that distressed Medicae wards have been on my mind, but I simply cannot get enough of this latest series of posts! This is hands down some of the best 40k terrain I have seen so far, and the attention to detail makes it sooo delightfully creepy! How about using some sandwich paper or laminating foil to create hanging plastek sheets that serve as (blood-spattered) partitions here and there?

    Also, the quasi-religious Astartes paintings work as such an effective visual counterpoint, making the whole ensemble even more disturbing. I am curious, though: Is there any specific reason for the German titles (the typeface you have chosen also really supports the creepiness factor, by the way)?

    Anyway, stupendously brilliant! I am still sore that those beds won't be time of a GW terrain set anytime soon -- but we can always hope, right? ;)

    1. Thank you for the high praise, Krauty! Glad I've inspired. Good idea about the plastic screens, although I fear I won't have time to do this before the game this weekend. I need to explain more about the Bavarian portraits...

  4. Fantastic..I'm looking forward to reading more about the artwork in due course :)