Friday, 28 February 2020

All aboard the Space Hulk - bon voyage!

I realised I hadn't posted photos of the finished Space Hulk terrain set. Sorry about that! Here are all the pieces in their final painted glory.

I'm taking a little break from hobby for a few weeks to travel and whatnot, but have plans for some crazy conversions and more scenery as we roll into spring.


  1. Amazing work. I love all the little details!

  2. One of the best, darkly evocative pieces of 40k/INQ28 terrain I have seen so far -- don't forget to talk about those Astartes paintings and the inspiration for them in more detail in a future post, please! ;)

    But yeah, truly stunning stuff! 40k with a side of Bioshock's Medical Pavillion -- what's not to love? ;)

  3. Goddamn that's great! I love the contrast of red and white and the all red bit is terrifying. Getting Alien, meets Silent Hill, meets 40K vibes.