Wednesday, 12 February 2020

All aboard the Space Hulk - battle report

Last weekend the boarding torpedoes ruptured the ancient, scarred hull of the Bucephalus and delivered a dozen excited gamers deep into the bowels of the space hulk. Each commanded either 'scratch' squads of beautifully painted Terminators, or waves of gnarly genestealers. While the miniatures were stunning, they weren't, of course, the stars of the show. That accolade went to the hulk itself.

cpt.normandy admiring the swathes of miniatures

Each participant used the latest GW kits to make 3D versions of hulk corridors or rooms. It was a riot of twisted creativity. Offerings ranged from Quatermass-like alien abominations to gloriously polychromatic industrial sections. My own meagre offering of the medical bay was put to good use and the tiny hospital beds got used here, there and everywhere. And caused much amusement.

Rules masters in the form of the brothers Hartman initiated proceeding. While we had originally intended to play three games as either Marines or Xenos, then swap sides and re-play, the tides of the warp dictated this wasn't to be. We played three games and each kept to being humans or genestealers. I was a genestealer. My extra arms and purple skin were probably the thing that influenced that decision.

Now that's not something you see every day...

Progress was neck-and-neck at first. Marine losses were (satisfyingly) heavy at the start. And the broodmind was pleased. However, on the second game it was apparent that learning was occurring among the puny, fleshy invaders. They fared much better. A cunning use of Command Points allowed one plucky Custodes to claim the objective in this second game. I didn't know someone in Terminator armour could run that fast. Things were very even in the final game right up until the last few turns. Some sneaky (although admittedly beautifully painted) Black Templars managed to almost claim one objective. But the weakling was snipped in two by a regular 'Stealer. A Custodes did manage to find his way to the other objective. But two were needed and so it was a technical Genestealer win. Hurrah!

For me events like this are never really about the games themselves. It's the shared experience among friends I value. This is especially so when folk travel great distances to contribute to the gatherings. And that's the great thing about this hobby - it brings people (and Genestealer Hybrids) together for a shared passion. And no one minds that your skin is a bit purple and you really don't want them to meet your parents.

If you enjoyed my journey then do check out the work of all the brave hulk-skulkers:
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  1. Fantastic minis and terrain, you certainly had a good time!

  2. Cannot agree more about gaming events and their benefits and this all looked fantastic !

  3. Love it, excellent terrain and commentary.