Saturday, 18 January 2020

All aboard the Space Hulk - Part 4

Quick early morning post to show the paint updates...

The Gallery

Pretty much done here. The floor's down and the walls are up. I just need to add decals to the niches on both sides of the wall section then weather the floor a bit.

The Surgery

This came out better than I expected. Turns out wrapping walls in nylon makes them REALLY hard to paint so lesson learned there. The thing that adds interest to this rather mono paint scheme is the matte/gloss combo which is really easy to do with things like Citadel Blood for the Blood God paint. It took me about 20mins to make the little collection of candles and skulls in 3D and then I printed off three of them on my new Anycubic Photon printer. Mind = BLOWN.

The Ward

Again this is almost done. The floor was dead simple but has worked well. Some of my 3D prints for the Art Deco wall sections were soft due to me not cleaning the prints properly. Ah well. Actually with paint they don't look too bad so I'm happy. People seem to love the little beds too.

The Morgue

This is the least finished room but it's now all base coated. I managed to bang the parts around a bit and the coffer door snapped off and the lamp buckled. Such is life. I want it to be cooler in colour tone as all the other rooms are rather warm. You can also see print errors on the radiator in the foreground. But dumping a load of rust paints over this should disguise it sufficiently.

So, that's about it for the last week's worth of hobby. Oh, except that I finally got round to airbrushing the basecoat onto my Night Lords who will inhabit the hulk. More on those when I get all the scenery finished.


  1. This is all excellent, really nice work. Especially the colour palette. The chequered flooring really pops, there's lots of high quality art deco paper you can get in Paperchase or Hobbycraft that you could do wonders with. I've got a stash ready for a cthulhu project some day.

    The beksinski style walls are super effective - I've often wondered how to achieve it on miniature terrain. It's the epitome of chaotic corruption for me. And somehow the radiators would seem boring if they weren't degraded like that, intentional or not. I'd go for a little Lustrian Undergrowth texture coming out of them, and horrible black mould in some of the tile cracks.

    Can't wait for more.