Sunday, 12 January 2020

All aboard the Space Hulk - Part 3

After a very productive weekend I thought I'd break down the build a bit for you all to see where each room is going. I've refined the look of each area a bit as I felt each tile needed to be slightly more distinct. Here goes...

The Morgue

This is where a lot of the 3D printing work will appear, namely with the 'coffins' in which the bodies are stored. Lots of medical greens and depressingly pale ceramics in this room I think. Very Alien 3.

The Surgery (AKA Psychedelic Panic cell)

I was struggling a bit with this one for a while as it didn't really have anything that I felt was terribly unique about it. Then I saw some lovely work by 3D artist Ben Nicholas after the great Beksinski. So this room will be a psychedelic panic overload.

The Gallery

This was always where my JC Leyendecker portraits will hang. More on that later. But I jazzed it up a bit by adding torches modelled after those in the 1946 Jean Cocteau La Belle et la BĂȘte. This room (actually a corridor which loops into the next room proper) will return to the warm ceramics. It'll have a decal floor (last image, which I'll cut to the 'L' shape).

The Ward

This is the largest room, with a replacement tiled plasticard floor. It's like Silent Hill meets an art nouveau clinic. It's actually bounded by the Morgue and the Gallery, so it'll be less open when it's finished. The gurney beds are coming along well. By which I mean; they look utterly terrifying. One wall will be 3x printed panels which came out with varying degrees of quality as I learned about the best methods for 3D printing. Anyway, I'm confident a forgiving paint job will hide some of the errors.

I've got a few ideas for banners too but, like the Leyendecker portraits, they deserve a bit more explanation.

But I think the overall take-away from this is; don't get ill in 40K!


  1. Wow, all looking good. Those beds are awesome.

  2. That's exquisite work and design for this project, definitely the kind of place where I'd been torn between wanting to go further and running away crying ^^

  3. Well this was a bit unexpected, and now you have me even more excited.

  4. So much excellent stuff here! The arms holding the torches are particularly creepy/thematic.