Sunday, 22 December 2019

Death in the Drakwald - part II

Not only is this part 2, but my Drakwalk project has been divided into two parts. Don't worry, all is revealed below...

Part the First - Microhammer!

'Microhammer' pretty much sums up the first incarnation of Drakwald. I've fallen in love with Citadel's old range of 10mm Warmaster minis and I'll use these for the Tears of Envy version. The Warmaster minis are utterly adorable and beautiful sculpts to boot. I love how much expression the designers managed to get into such tiny figures. Yikes!

I intend to play using Warcry rules so I'm somewhat restricted to those figures which can stand alone (many were sculpted 'clumped together' in ranks). I'm basing each on a washer for two reasons. First the ferrus washers stick to magnetic sheet making the finished minis easy to transport. Second, the aperture in the washer allows you to sink the mini into the base somewhat so they don't appear to sit on weird mounds of earth. Weird mounds of earth are things you should stay away from in the Drakwald...

I chose Middenland as the State colourway as it encompasses the bulk of the Drakwald. Plus it's safe to assume that drunk Middenheimers would get involved in any fisticuffs in the forest. I've deliberately gone for quite a bright, high contrast paint scheme to ensure these tiny guys really pop. Using muddy colours on things this small risks them not 'reading' well when you stand more then a foot away from them. Clearly I've been inspired by the 'red period' in Middlehammer history :-)

I also found a little house on Thingverse which I printed off at 10mm scale. While it's my only piece of terrain to date it's a good start. Again, I tried to get a bit of colour contrast into it so it reads well on the table. I added tiny specs of colour to approximate painted decoration on the timbers on the main facade. This gives it a bit of a Scandi-folk-horror feel.

Part the Second - Oldhammer

I've buddied up with a friend who wants to get involved in some Drakwalk action too. He's currently creating a wonderful 28mm Empire warband. I've dutifully agreed to try and steal his lifeless corpse with the help of my Oldhammer undead warband. I'll leave you with some photos of the amazing and naturalistic board he's working on. This is going to be a riot to play over...


  1. The house is the stand out there for me, it's extra gorgeous.

    10mm is great fun to paint, those little guys look fantastic.

  2. Catching up on your blog (and all blogs), and what a wonderful surprise to find this post. I too love Warmaster miniatures, although I have restricted myself to just an Empire army (albeit one large enough to field 3-4 standard armies...). There is just something about the quality of the sculpts, the scale, and joy of seeing the Warhammer world at an affordable scale!

    Your wee figures are looking very lovely, and are certainly very "readable" which at 10mm is certainly a potential issue.

    1. Thanks Lasgun! Sounds like you've got quite a collection! I'm going to try and stay at warband size as its the skirmish narratives I like :-)

    2. Like most of my stuff, it was easy to buy, but building and painting is so so much harder...