Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Time for some more Epic

I finished the remaining four Marines to complete my Space Crusade-inspired squad for my micro-40K project. Here they are in all their ruddy glory:

Here we see them on patrol suddenly feeling a bit inferior next to a looming beetle-back Warlord. This shot was fun to do and readers as old as me will notice the original Adeptus Titanicus box cover in the background.

Below is a better shot of the little display case I've put together for all my 6mm chaps. The stuff at the bottom is thin magnetic sheeting (typically seen on fridge magnets). The washer-bases stick to with just the right amount of force. So you can actually be all sorts of clumsy around this and the minis will stay put. Yet they pop off with little effort. Handy.

I want to carry on with the Space Crusade randomness of this diminutive project. But I also kind of want a 2nd edition army in Epic scale. Argh! Too many hobby projects...


  1. Brilliant. Love the photo with the titan :)

  2. Wonderful job! I wouldn't believe the size if I didn't own those miniatures too.

  3. The shot with the Warlord is great! Having infantry really gives the Titans a sense of scale.

    Space Crusade has a marvellous overlap with the old Epic plastics thanks to that Stompers box that had the Space Crusade Dreadnought and Chaos Arndroids in. I hope to see your take on them soon!

    1. Yeah totally Curis. But now I want two full 2nd ed armies. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!?!?!?!?

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