Monday, 3 June 2019

Haughty Aelf

A short post to show off this little chap. He'll bulk out my rather small band of heroes for my Krawl project. They sure as hell need some help, as the baddies are really racking up in number!

I wanted him to be a 'tooled-up' Aelfen adventurer, replete with all manner of gear. I think the kitbash worked out pretty well on that front. He's got a satisfying balance of clobber without it being ridiculous. Big thanks to the excellent Steve Buddle who kindly downed his digital miniature-making tools for enough time to sculpt the little fur collar on this fellow. It was an awkward join and needed a bit of 'something' to cover it up.

Steve did a great job. So now he can go back to making miniatures professionally.


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  2. Excellent work, very nice indeed. The collar works very well, I was wondering where that came from. I like the shield design too, very effective!

  3. This miniatures will be produce?

  4. This guy looks really fun as a dungeon adventurer, I like how your modelling choices have distanced him from looking like a straight battleline trooper. His helmet lets him cast a magnificent cinematic silohuette as he kicks down the dungeon door, backlit, flouncing into the chamber of goblins.

  5. Love that shield design!

    You have Steve "on tap" for model upgrades, and you have him do a fur collar? Where is the sculpted icon on a miniature chain, or bespoke head crest?? ;)