Thursday, 30 May 2019

The Eyes of the Nine / Die Nibelungen

Eagle eyed readers (pun intended) might have noticed in a previous post there was a sneak peek of another project I'm working on - the Warhammer Underworlds' The Eyes of the Nine. This is hands-down my favourite warband for the game. For two reasons; it's got lots of 'texture'. And by that I mean lots of different things of varying sizes and shapes, right from the hench Tzaangor to the tiny Brimstone Horrors. Plus Narvia is one of my favourite minis ever. Because her gender is quite incidental. In fact, it took me a moment to actually notice she's female. She's pretty much dressed identically as her rival, Turosh. The sculptors have done a great job on this front.

But it's to Turosh we turn first. Here you can see him in all his triangular glory:

While I was noodling about colour schemes I watched Fritz Lang's 1924 version of Die Nibelungen. Which pretty much blew my mind. Here's why:

The surface design in the movie is mind blowing. Coupled with some audacious sets and Lang's eye for composition the film is a masterpiece. Lang shouldn't, perhaps, take all the credit for the visuals though, as it seems that the artist Carl Otto Czeschka produced the illustrations for a printed version of the tale in 1920. This body of work undoubtedly formed a template for Lang's costumes:

Back in Tzeentch land, the large shields form a perfect substrate for the pattern work. I was really pleased with the result and I want to roll this out across the warband. Not sure how this is going to work on the more organic chaps... but I'm sure I'll find a solution.

In an effort to paint faster by being more efficient I reigned in my natural desire to spend ages highlighting the model's skin. I just applied a gradiated wash to it and left it at that. I selectively highlighted elements like the cloth and face mask. I felt these areas are where the effort is going to be seen. Coupled with the neat pattern work the eye is somewhat fooled into thinking the mini has had more effort invested than is actually the case.

So, now on to the other members of the Nine...


  1. Looking great! I also kind of get a vibe like a production of The Magic Flute that I saw once.

    And yeah, I am totally down for more female Models like Narvia and the one Negavolt Cultist. Understated is much better, to my taste.

  2. Great work. Tzeentch really lends him/her/it-self to this sort of madness. Looking forward to seeing how you do the rest of the warband.

  3. Lovely stuff with the triangle patterns, and I love how he gets more blue the closer you get to the ground. Sort of gives you the idea that he's made magical by the earth.

    Contrast paint at work?

    1. That's actaully an effect of the gloss varnish under the lights - the triangles are all the same colour in life.

      Maybe... ;-)

  4. I like the variety of that warband too. They're good models, especially the big beastman guy. I like your use of the triangles: they have a weird, mystical feel that suits Tzeentch very well. Will Narvia be similar or wildly different in style?

    1. Narvia will be the same style but a different pattern I think.

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  6. Thanks for twigging me onto this new print of the film. I made a post of my own with far too many screenshots.

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