Sunday, 26 May 2019

Pattern recognition

I've discovered over the past year or so that one of the things I love adding to my miniatures are really bold patterns. Below are a couple of recent examples.

I am hoping to make this more of a consistent feature in the future. It helps a bit in my quest for maximum effect for minimum effort. Maybe.

If you can do a really clean pattern it goes a long way towards the overall impact the model has.

This little collection of photos also reminds me that I really need to finish Steelheart's Champions...


  1. Yeah, that's something that has definitely stood out in your work for me. Since I have a bit of hand shake that makes it so I pretty much can't draw a straight line even with a ruler, even what you call minimum effort results in effects that look amazing to me.

    1. Thanks West - just needs a bit of practice and the willingness to correct mistakes!