Sunday, 31 March 2019

Lone wolf

Followers of my Instagram account will have seen this furry fellow earlier in the week:

He joins my Krawl AoS project to menace any unwary dungeoneers. Like the cheeky yellow ninja:

I thought at first he was a mount for an old Goblin Wolf Rider, but then realised he's actually from the old Citadel BC2 Monster Starter Set:

I wanted a really naturalisted colour palette for him so went for the classic light underbelly graduating up to a darker top. The blending around his legs isn't as good as I'd like due to the rather rough casting down there, but the overall impression is good. I also have him menacing yellow eyes.

All the better to see you with.

Coming soon: my giant new tiny Epic project!!!


  1. It's a very good sculpt, this old model. The face reminds me a bit of Prince Arpad from Ana Polanscak if you know her work. If not, look for her Blog "Gardens of Hecate".

    1. Thanks Michael - all good and I know Ana's stuff well. She's a genius!

  2. The description calls him "vicious", but he just looks hungry to me. I'm sure a good meal and some scritches would cheer him right up!

  3. I remember looking at that monster set on the back of “Best of White Dwarf Scenarios 3”!