Sunday, 30 September 2018


I finished this guy a while ago but decided I didn't like his original base (it was red). Here he is in all his Oldhammer hex-base glory. He's a nice addition to the group of oldskool fantasy randoms I'm amassing.

I have concluded a couple of things:
  1. Yellow is my favourite colour on miniatures. It stands out so well. In China it is the colour of happiness, glory, and wisdom. In my head it's the colour of badassery and victory. Grey and yellow is awesome too. I should really paint Space Wolves.
  2. My miniatures look better on a back gloss background, rather than white. This shot just looks so flat. I'll go dark next time.

The next lot to be finished from my Box of Shame are probably some Night Lords Cultists and a naughty Chaos Spawn, so stay tuned.


  1. He looks good. I like the pattern on his trousers. Been a long while since I saw one of those bases! I found a bag full of ancient metal townsfolk a while ago. This has inspired me to get on with painting them!

  2. Love him and all the old school vibes of that hex base. I loves me a hex base :)

  3. Great work. Yellow and grey is classic indeed--as is that base; great stuff!

  4. The Oriental Heroes range is fantastic and, as you say, looks wonderful in yellows, oranges and peach.

    An army of those would be lush.

  5. I suspect I've only even seen these ninjas in black. I love the delicate colours you've used.

  6. Lovely colours and neat basing. I am always a fan of a nice yellow and grey combo. Freehand details are perfectly atmospheric.

  7. I hate painting yellow, but it does make such a nice contrast with black or grey. That pattern on his trousers is really my favourite part here, tho.

    And yeah, I default to a black backdrop for my mini photos these days. Every now and then, I get something that does look better if I switch to the white, but usually the black works best.

  8. That yellow is sublime.

    What does his kanji translate to?

    1. I am ashamed to say I have no idea Dai! I seem to remember some pictograms might have been made up.

  9. Looks sweet! and yes do some classic Grey space wolves with black and yellow decor.

  10. Wonderful. The details on the trousers work really great - just like the colour scheme!