Saturday, 23 September 2017

Iron within, iron without

I'm sure I'm not alone in having hobby pipe dreams. A true hobbyist has an army planned for pretty much every faction available. In their head. Chaos Space Marines are no exception for me, and I was inspired to try out an Iron Warriors colour scheme. Here is the result:

Keen fans will note the mini is not a Chaos Marine, but a Dark Angel from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. The First Legion are pretty much Chaos Space Marines anyway according to the lore (gasp!), so I didn't feel too bad putting him in heretic's clothes. Secretly he loved it. These push-fit minis are great for testing colours as they're quick to prepare.

I was inspired by two things; the first being this awesome ammunition box. I loved the scratched, dull grey metal with its varying patina. Grey-and-yellow is always a winner for me (as anyone who has seen my Eldar can attest) so I was pretty much sold when I saw this tin.
The other was the work of the excellent Death of a Rubricist. He has a fantastic Heresy-era Iron Warriors collection with a really unique take on the Legion. I love the way he has reinterpreted the hazard chevrons as more heraldic devices. Added to these are tiny battlefield role designations and early-Greek animal silhouettes. Lovely work.

I actually painted this guy grey to begin with, then sponged-on dull silver to complete the base colour. A wash of Nuln Oil added contrast and reduced the shine, allowing me to 'chip' using bright silver applied with a brush.

The result was pretty cool but I'm not sure I'm inspired to do any more. My iron will is clearly failing. This technique benefits minis with larger, cleaner areas. It works well on loyalist or Heresy Marines, but I am not so sure about 40K Chaos Marines who tend to be encrusted with a lot more texture. If I ever sign up to building a skirmish force I might choose Heresy-era Iron Warriors. Failing that, this technique could be really useful for some 'lost' Stormtonnians - questing knights who have spent time in the wilderness. But, as I say, hobby pipe dreams...


  1. I can imagine this technique would work gloriously on the plastic Mark III's! ^^

    I share your sentiment on the colour scheme perhaps looking too clean, even by Traitors standards. Maybe a thick spackle of dirt/mud and rust around the lower greaves, chest and gauntlets might offset it nicely?

  2. Nice work... and I can confirm that I have many planned armies in my head, very many indeed... I have even bought the models for some of them!

  3. I like that this technique makes the marine armor look as if it were just thinly enameled, rather than thickly and luxuriously painted like it normally seems to come out, even with weathering.

    In the WHFB 6th/40k 3rd edition era, not only did I plan armies for each faction/sub-faction/Imperial State, but I made good head way on buying them... possibly a bit of a mistake!