Thursday, 4 May 2017

When you're in dire need of vengeance

I promised to post the five new Dire Avengers I completed for my Eldar army. To be honest they're not terribly exciting. The most remarkable thing about them is that they sit really well alongside the previous lot I did about five years ago. So that's a win for writing down your colour recipes.

I gave this squad different colour tabard clothes so I can separate the two lots if I need to. Here is an awkward family photo.

The gloss trims to the bases come out really nicely under lights. The new ones are a bit neater than my first attempts. The trick is to add grit/texture to the base tops and, once the glue has set, sand the trims with fine emery paper to ensure they're really smooth. Then paint and gloss.

Next up I'll be bringing you some psychic fun with my Warlocks.


  1. Those are indeed glossy bases!

    I like how your slightly duller blues (than the standard) look, and I think they would look great on the tabletop. Did your painting recipes account for the paints themselves changing over the period in question? ;)

    1. Hey Lasgun, glad you like the more muted tones. I actually feel these guys are a bit 'grey' and have pushed my Scorpions and Spiders into more saturated territory. Ha! When paint systems change you have to roll with those punches.

  2. Niiiiice - The desaturated scheme really looks fantastic!

  3. Forgive me a moments indulgence if this comment seems a little "out there".
    I love your miniature painting style, it kept reminding me of something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
    And then when I saw these it suddenly hit me, Gouache. Or specifically the work of painter and colour-theorist Sydney Harry.
    I had the fortune of being able to see an exhibit of his work several years ago, his use of beautiful, simple, bold, opaque colour was wonderful.
    And when I see your painted miniatures, I believe it's been reminding me of that unconsciously.
    These look beautiful.

    1. "Out there" is where I live, Stygian! I googled Harry and his stuff is awesome, so thanks for the comparison. So glad you like these guys, and rest assured there's more to come.