Friday, 10 February 2017

Blood Angel Scout squad

Due to life being a little busy it's taken me rather a while to complete these guys. They are the second iteration of Space Marine Scouts and are some of my favourite ever miniatures. They come from that wonderful period when Games Workshop was pushing into really weird, baroque territory. These guys are a bonkers-crazy mash-up of Landschneckt sleeves, Adam Ant makeup and mohawk hair cuts.

They were actually really tricky to paint for two reasons. These old casts lack some detail along the axis where the two halves of the mould meet. I found myself having to paint in the detail around the bits of armour that cross this axis. I'm so used to the amazing detailing on GW's current plastics that I'm not very practised at this. Second, the wide variety of colours means you can't 'spray and pray' as I've done with most of my other Marines. I opted to zenith spray these guys white over a black base, and then block in the other colours. I didn't do too well with the recess washes so spent a lot of time tidying things up. I got so fed up of this I baulked at painting the slashes on the sleeves black, which in hind sight, I'm disappointed about.

I took inspiration for the colour placement from Fangorn's amazing Advanced Space Crusade cover and some reference shots of the original plastic minis in Bryan Ansell's collection. I thought about adding more contrast to things like the knees, but ended up keeping them mono. I also changed the red shoes and knives because they seem too toy-like.

Photo borrowed from Eldritch Epistles

I've got one of the Made to Order Assassin casts on the go at the moment. The guy's a dream to paint and I'll soon have some polymorphine-fuelled help for the Scouts.


  1. Some of these older models did have a lot of charm. I guess the red knives were from that weird period where almost all armour was bright red, and monsters all seemed to be wearing nail polish...

    I've recently discovered how to get paint off old models and am rediscovering a whole load of wonky and charming sculpts. There really was some great stuff back then, really conceptual and bizarre.

    Anyhow, they look cool. They're quite a find.

    1. Thanks Toby! Yes, lots of charm in the olde lead.

  2. I do love these style of scouts, they're much more characterful than the current iteration of the 'spec-ops' look.

    The painting is a little bright for my personal tastes, but they do look fantastic! Love them! <3

    1. I do like the new ones Gretchin, but these have more charm. Actually this photo is a little bright - they're not quite as cheerful as they appear here. You'd be surprised at how so many of the old minis in the WHW museum have retained their colours and are as bright as they were 25 years ago!

  3. There's something amazing about those old models -- they could almost pass for minis for Confrontation, the precursor to Necromunda. Your paintjob really brings the retro stylings to the fore while also being pleasantly modern in execution. Fantastic work!

    If you'll pardon me for being a smartass, the correct word is "Landsknecht", by the way ;) That being said, "Landschneckt" seems like a perfect name for a Rogue Trader era Inquisitor, come to think of it...