Saturday, 14 January 2017


I've been lucky enough to delve into the world of VR of late. In the words of Lincoln Steffens, "I have seen the future, and it works." Though it may be too early to tell, while cinema was the art form of the 20th century, VR may very well be the medium of the 21st. This bitesize documentary from VICE UK looks at the latest trends and addresses some of the physiological and ethical issues with VR.


  1. I had the chance to try out the VR game "Unseen Diplomacy" at a Creative Gaming festival in Hamburg last year, and it was quite an experience: The game had been set up in a way that it could actually be controlled by moving around and performing the actual in-game actions in the real world as well, and while the graphics were nowhere near photorealistic (and they didn't even try to be), the game environment felt absolutely plausible and surprisingly "real": How little it takes to fool the human brain ;)

    That little gaming sesssion seemed so very promising, and yet the whole logistics of VR gaming right now make me wonder whether it'll ever be "a thing" for the masses, or whether we are merely looking at a transitory phase until the "game" actually connects directly to our brain, fooling it into thinking we are actually experiencing something with our bodies when we are really not -- and that, in turn, raises all kinds of questions regarding creepy, Matrix-style scenarios, of course.

    But it is a fascinating subject, and applications like, say, Tilt Brush seem genuinely fascinating: Painting in the air in 360 degrees? When has that ever been possible -- except when you're Jackson Pollock? ;)

    But yeah, interesting times, indeed...

    1. Interesting thoughts Krauty. It's hard to konw where these things will go. I've not really met anyone who has tried VR and hated it though. Most people are blown away.

    2. Oh yeah, it was a fascinating experience alright! I can say that it has made me consider buying a Playstation VR set, something I wouldn't really have thought about beforehand. That being said, I think we have yet to see mainstream games actually do something worthwile with VR -- maybe Resident Evil 7 is a first spectacular step in that direction, but I am simply too afraid to try it, even without a VR headset ;)