Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reigns review

Reigns is a casual app game which has been getting great reviews. You play a medieval king who must rule his subjects wisely and avoid the many pitfalls that will beset you. Its mechanic is simple - it's a choose-your-own-adventure with a Tinder-style swipe-left or swipe-right system for making decisions. You have four resources to manage - the Church (bless em'), the people (damn 'em!), your army (yessah!) and your treasury (ker-ching!). When any of these drops to zero, you loose.

What caught my attention about it was its unique art style. It uses super-lo-fi vexels for pretty much everything including the beautiful little portraits of all the protagonists. It's amazing to see how much character can be imbued with so little detail. Each person's appearance is accompanied by a short sound effect (a kind of mumbling pseudo-voice) which further gives them life.

The game isn't easy. You're going to die. A lot. But one of the game's strengths is its entertaining failures. Your death is unfailingly amusing and you're going to end up chuckling to yourself on the bus as your corpse is thrown to the dogs by angry mobs because you let the plague take root in your capital city. You idiot. Indeed, there is a quirky sense of humour that pervades the whole game. The writing reminds me a bit of the excellent Sword & Sworcery - you'll constantly be thinking "Whaaaaat?" to yourself.

It's a great little game and may even teach you something about the complexities of ruling a nation.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. The game turned out to be a lot of fun.