Monday, 5 December 2016

More Hardware: now in CGI

I've blogged about Richard Stanley's Hardware a few times now. It turns out a rather talented 3D artist going by the handle kjell has worked up the Mark 13 robot in eye-watering detail. You can see his renders below. He's clearly examined the footage very carefully as he's captured the weird skull with it's under-slung-dragonfly-larvae-jaw perfectly.

I've been doing more 3D work myself recently, but am nowhere near the level of this guy. Great inspiration as to what can be achieved today especially with the latest generation of render engines.


  1. Wow. I can hardly believe that's not a model. It makes me wish that I'd got hold of a plastic skull last Halloween to make a prop of it. Have you got any plans to build your own MK13?

    1. Hey Toby. Yes, I had the same reaction, but reading his site I am pretty sure all the images are renders. A Mark 13 in 28mm would be pretty ace! It's actually hard to make out what the rest of him looks like as you never see the full robot in the movie. You do get glimses of a schematic which, IIRC, shows he has four arms.