Sunday, 4 December 2016

Finished Blood Angles Librarian Terminator

As well as my Heresy-era squad, I completed thid little guy in the week just gone.

I looked at a lot of the original reference material for the general scheme and chose a colourway that is hopefully faithful but also in keeping with my whole army. In this era, Librarians weren't blue and were identified by their Aegis hood, force weapons and the variant Crux Terminatus on their shoulder. I also opted for a custom decal which evokes the Chapter icon design of the time. Actually the promo minis sported hand-painted Blood Angel icons which are a little goofy to our eyes today, so I didn't feel too bad giving him this slightly more refined variant icon.

I used the same technique I've used on the rest of the rank-and-file, save for the addition of more blended highlights. I've also avoided painting any mottos onto the the scrolls as I'm just not very good at this. I feel they look better blank rather than appearing as if some demented five year old with a box of crayons has been scrawling away whilst wearing boxing gloves. The soft detailing of these older casts makes painting the details a real challenge. I'm not very pleased with the Crux Terminatus as this is a bit muddy.

I painted this guy up to give me a psychic presence in my army as I'm fed up of getting mauled by Tyranid mind attacks. However, I am lucky enough to own a complete, original Terminator boxed set of metal minis and I'm now intending to paint them all.

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