Thursday, 3 November 2016

More finished Blood Angels

Below is the second combat squad for my Blood Angles, marking the completion of the Start Collecting! box contents. I was pleased at how the exotic fur turned out - so pleased that I also took a shot from the back to show how they look together.

I really enjoyed painting these guys - partly due to my decision to avoid edge highlighting and concentrate on the details and heraldry. I quite like the guy on the left of the shot who sports a pelt with lots of visible skin on the inside. I tried to get a creased effect seen on leather and I think I succeeded in my aim of livening up what might otherwise have been a slightly dull surface which is rather visible from the front. The banner worked out well too. This follows the scheme detailed in the the 2nd ed. Codex with the red Chapter icon. I actually achieved this by painting the central portion of the banner red, applying a home made decal which was a clear icon on a black field, then neatening up the surrounding black. I'm not sure I'm explaining this well, but bear with me here.

I also took a 'family photo' of the box contents. I should try to do one with the RTB01s and Death Company combat squads too. I'm certainly going to add more to the collection, but I'd like to get a game or two in to see what might be a sensible choice. I have a hunch a Whirlwind or perhaps a Terminator or Scout squad might be useful, but we'll see.


  1. Wow, nailed it all. Very cool.

  2. Awesome work. Would love to see more!

  3. Loving the use of checker patterns and the leopard-spotted pelts. Well done!

  4. Yes, the pelts are great! What parts did you use for them? I can recognise a Space Wolf piece, and maybe a chaos warrior cape with ruff...?

  5. Thanks all!

    @phiq - There's actually a big mix of donor parts and I'd struggle to recall all of them. Grey Knight tilting plates, Chaos cloaks, Space Wolf cloaks and trinkets etc. One of the things I learned by looking at the work of master convertors is to ignore the provinance of bitz and harvest from the entire Citadel range. I'd highly recommend studying the output of the Iron Sleet guys, PDH, Neil 101, Weriding Way, The Eternal Hunt and Ex Profundis for inspiration on this front.

    1. "...ignore the provinance of bitz and harvest from the entire Citadel range."

      This. Very well put.