Friday, 7 October 2016

Moonclan Grot Poker

I finished this little guy a few weeks ago. I am really enjoying Age of Sigmar as a spark to just paint lots of 'odds and sods'.

He's one of the older single-piece minis from the 7th edition of Warhammer. I love these guys as they have so much character, despite being one-piece sculpts. I wanted to see how my grey technique might work on cloth, and for that reason needed to alter the traditional skin tone. With a more traditional skin colour I feared his flesh would have just sunk back and there would be less contrast in the miniature. I'm not sure the icon on his shield works though. I did think about painting it yellow, but feared it would distract from his face, but I'm not sure grey was the way to go.

I'm thinking about doing some terrain for this grisaille series, but we'll see if that comes to pass. I also want to test if I can get bronze or brass into the mix, despite retaining the NMM grey for other metals.


  1. When these were released, I was very tempted to start a goblin army because they were such good sculpts for being a one-piece miniature. :3

  2. @ Gretchin - Definitely. It was such a nice army. IIRC it also came with bonkers wigwams full of skulls and fungi.

  3. I like how you are doing these bases, noticed on your stormcast too.

  4. @MOTN - Thanks! They're kind of OldSkool and quite restrained. They offset the grey nicely too. Add a bit of slate, add sand, paint Caliban Green, drybrush using Warboss Green then a tiny bit of Moot Green. I keep the slate grey, and tint it a little with some thinned Caliban. JobsAGoodUn.

    1. Love it. I did my Necromunda bases like this, not as good though. Hope you do your Blood Angels the same!

  5. Very cool. A warmish violet could work for the shield icon, perhaps...?

  6. A lovely paint job on a wonderful model! I think they are some of the best single piece models so full of character.