Thursday, 8 September 2016

Stormcast Eternals Liberator

I finished this guy a week or so ago and I have to say he was a joy to paint! Brushes just hate some miniatures - they skid over detail, can’t find the delineations and loose their way around (non-existent) edges when highlighting. The Liberator was just the opposite and throughout I had the sense that he was painting himself. The edges are sharp beyond belief - just look at the tiny rivets on his breastplate.

The paint scheme here is an example of a palette I’ve been applying to a few fantasy miniatures lately. It’s inspired by things like JRPGs and video games, both old and new, with amazing art direction. A very restrained gamut of colours with a ‘signature’ grey (shaded with Kabalite Green). The main body is predominantly Averland Sunset - a long-time favourite colour of mine given it’s insane pigment density and how well it covers as a consequence. The Sunset vibrates against the grey, dark teal and green making the armour stand out a mile. I still have mixed feelings about the subtlety of the shading. On the one hand I  really like the animation-cell quality, while on the other I’m not sure it does the details justice. This is something I want to look at in the future, although I have to admit that layer highlighting isn’t my favourite part of the painting process!

On a final note, I was really pleased how well the chevrons turned out. Being a graphic designer at heart, I always love it when a painter’s collection is instantly recognisable by some facet of applied surface design. Don Hans’ work is a perfect example of this, channelling vintage Ian Miller in his Chaos shields. I think the chevrons will come to define this collection, and I’ll be looking to apply them more in future.


  1. Chevrons are a great idea! Hadn't seen them applied to Stormcast before.

  2. Really inspiring to see such strong and bold colours on a fantasy miniature. So refreshing!

  3. @M.O.T.N - Thank you but I can't claim credit alas! But you have to steal from the best.
    @JRN - Thank you! High praise from a master like yourself.