Monday, 27 January 2014

Treasures at Chatsworth

A friend and I visited Chatsworth country house just before Christmas. At least we tried to. The estate is extremely proficient in sweating its assets and had a Narnia-themed event on that weekend. Consequently the entire place was coated in fake snow, baubles and was home to a menagerie of dodgey fantasy mannequins. Oh well...

The two things I was able to appreciate through the cacophony of screaming children were the statue of the Veiled Vestal Virgin (all the 'V's) and a monumental glass sculpture. The former is Victorian from the studio of Raffaelle Monti. He has used the transparent properties of the marble to great effect, and we spent several minutes craning our necks around the piece to ascertain what was actually carved into the stone's surface and what we were imagining.

Alas, I can't track down much about the large cut-glass piece that is mounted in the gardens.  The artist has achieved a wonderfully harmonious balance between areas of textural detail and large, smooth surfaces. The patterns remind me of the imprints of fossilised plants or sea creatures.


  1. Veiled Vestal Virgin ... wow breathtakingly beautiful. The etched glass piece looks amazing as well.

  2. That VVV is up there wuth Bernini...

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