Friday, 8 November 2013

Nikon Df

For a long time I've thought to myself, "I'd really love a Nikon which looks like an Old Skool film SLR but is actually digital". Clearly someone at Nikon HQ heard me, and has released the (as-ever catchily-named) "Df". However, that person, it transpires, is also a total git, because the Df weighs in at, like, £2,700.


Will likely never have.

Oh well.

It's got a full frame chip, yada, yada, yada... But what's actually pretty cool is that Nikon is once again making a camera which will mount and use old, manual lenses. Part of Nikon's draw right up until about 2005 was that pretty much every SLR they released could use old glass. However, they've abandoned this of late in favor of their smaller-form-factor bodies only mounting new lenses. It's therefore nice to see the old USP returning. Even if the chances of me owning one are rather slim.


  1. I don't suppose they ever let you freelance at all, nowadays?