Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mass linkage

I haven't posted a link roundup for a while so here's some interesting stuff which I've been buried in...

Simoneau Guillaume's touching photographic portraits documenting his relationship with a female American soldier (click on the Love and War project).

Close-ups of the mindblowing embroidery work which went into the Game of Thrones costumes.

...and on that note George R. R. Martin reveals what the aforementioned throne looks like in his head, and believe you me, it's altogether more badass than the HBO version.

There is a retrospective of Miroslav Tich's clandestine photographic portraits (NSFW).

Mr. YN & Mr. YG illustrations and other assorted work are quite extraordinary.

Brande in the 80s does a weirdly Bladerunner-esque stills trawl of the kids' bedrooms in Adventures in Babysitting.

Beginning in 1974 the improbably named Nicholas Nixon photographed four sisters together every year. The resulting time lapse sequence provides a wonderful window into fashion, family and the human condition.

Helen Musselwhite does some amazing fine art papercraft.

Abigail Goldman’s small diorama displays of death and tourture.

Have a great weekend! I am off to paint some ninja space elves...


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  1. Thanks very much for the links. The Iron Throne from GoT is considerably more badass by a long margin!!