Thursday, 29 August 2013


Here is some stuff which has been entertaining me of late:

IGN profiles the Mad Max game that never was.

MELT has a collection of the awesome retro sci-fi art of Tristram Lansdowne.

Mecha Guy has photos of the new Valrave VI Hiyu. I am not sure if it's an unpainted preproduction model or if its actually got transparent bits. Either way its pretty badass.

Back in February MDOAR Productions posted HDR footage of New York set to Moby's Flower. I've only just seen it but it's quite beautiful - a worthy successor to the venerable discipline of street photogrphy.

Jade Beall has an amazing collection of feminist photography posing important questions about how we view the female body (NSFW).

Feuilleton explores a 1981 flyer-booklet given away by the band Cabaret Voltaire. The innocuous cover hid the enclosed 'zine examining gay male culture in Liverpool.

I've found this interesting history of Macross model kits over at CollectionDX.

Tides of War has constructed a completely bat-shit-mental an utterly epic wargaming table of the city of Minas Tirith.

I found more photos of one of the Horus helmet props from the original Stargate movie.

"This Armored Lady Won The Longsword Competition At a World Invitational Tournament"

I hate to think what I'd do if I was confronted with a screaming velociraptor. Luckily it's never happened but the reaction of this poor bastard makes me think it wouldn't be a happy experience.

Random Ghost (an excellent tumblr that I watch) asks, "Who should I follow?" I heartily recommend some of the ensuing links.

The recently deceased Jesse Marcel Jr was a boy of 10 when his army intelligence father brought home some random junk in the middle of the night. That was in 1947 and his dad had just got home from Roswell. You can guess the rest...

Genesis P-Orridge gives an interview and remembers when she was forced to ask, "Where's the fucking dog?"

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