Friday, 17 May 2013

The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things

TUAoDT is the title of the latest show at the Nottingham Contemporary. Curated by Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey it is a disparate collection of objects loosely themed around technology. They have been chosen because of their ability to communicate and bring magic into the world. The artist feels that these objects signify an event horizon where technology will become sentient and, in so doing, inspire the kind of animism imbued into the natural world by our primitive ancestors. Cyberman masks rub shoulders with models of internal organs while Chris Cunningham's Windowlicker plays in the background.

Apologies for the offending black smudge - alas my ninja skills at clandestine photography failed me on this occasion.


  1. Why, who's that devilishly handsome and clearly intelligent man in the blue shirt in front of the giant Felix?

  2. He has tattoos. Clearly he is ne'er-do-well, and possibly a Victorian safe-breaker. AVOID!!!