Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My childhood

I have a vivid memory from my childhood involving a terrifying, bloody, skull-faced creature and cereal. It's only now been reconciled thanks to my recent purchase of a fantasy art compendium.

Back in the 80s Shreddies (I think - I might be wrong here) produced a series of trading cards which came free in their cereal boxes. Each card featured a horrible monster complete with equally gruesome name. Clearly the task of selecting the art was left to some joker, as he chose a gut-wrenching portrait for one particular card, and dubbed it 'Blood Skull'. I remember this semi-crustacian terror quite vividly, it being a visceral nightmare of fangs and drool. Way to go, Shreddies.

My cards are now long lost but I have occasionally searched on the interwebs for the Blood Skull. Until recently this only resulted in failure, but I am now happy to report that the culprit has been found - it's Jaws by Melvyn Grant.

In the Paper Tiger compilation Dream Makers, Grant talks a little bit about this piece. He says it resulted from his reaction to seeing the creature in Alien and wondering if it wouldn't be more sensible for the two sets of teeth to be at right-angles to one another. He then goes on to say that he feels his painting works because most of the critter is hidden by the crop, and the mist and drool serve to heighten the anticipation of what the rest of the beast might look like.

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  1. And they expected you to enjoy your breakfast after that tumbled into the bowl in the morning.....

    Fantastic! My kids would love that as well!