Tuesday, 7 May 2013

"Desert Mirage Lizard" Nikon

Alexy Joffre Frangieh is clearly a man with some talent. He's custom airbrushed his Nikon kit in military tan. As a result he's bestowed the slightly incomprehensible (and perhaps Aztek-inspired) name of "Desert Mirage Lizard" onto the gear. Despite its unwieldy name, his efforts are certainly impressive - the coverage of the paint is great while the masking is superb. No doubt the paintwork will scuff and chip with a bit of wear, but I think I might almost prefer the weathered look to this 'factory finish'.

Pro customisation like this really inspires me and I am reminded of The Sandbenders in Gibson's Idoru. A colony of artisans, they produced custom cases for electronics made from precious and rare materials. In these days of mass manufacture and democratisation of the cutting-edge, the transformation of the common into the unique will perhaps be the future of high-end technology.

Via Nikon Rumors

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