Thursday, 2 May 2013

Combat Mecha Xabungle

You don't get a prize for guessing the improbably named Combat Mecha Xabungle is a Japanese anime series featuring giant robots. The cartoon ran from 1982-3 and spawned a line of model kits from Bandai. There doesn't seem to be a whole heap of concise information on the interwebs about these models. They went on sale at the same time the series was broadcast and, since then up to the present, there have been a series of kits marketed under this brand.

The reason I am blogging them is for the aesthetic value of the mecha and the packaging they come in. I love the simplicity and 80s chic of the Iron Gear in particular, and the restrained use of logos. Mecha kits today tend to have massively rendered logos plastered over their boxes. The flat, clean artwork is also refreshing and very typical of sci-fi renderings of that era. It does justice to the blocky, geometric forms of the robots which are, again, typical of their time.


  1. I remember these and actually had one! The design of the box art is neat. Thanks for sharing, TamTam!

  2. Painted artwork on model and toy packaging is always so much more appealing to me than digitally rendered art. I think that the inside of my imagination looks more like an epic painting than it does a video game.