Friday, 1 March 2013

Ra's pyramid

I have previously blogged about my love of Patrick Tatopoulos' production design work on the Stargate movie. You can understand my excitement, then, when I randomly discovered the video below. It's footage of the miniature alien pyramid prop. An auctioneer is selling something vaguely described as a 'panel' with the video embedded in the auction page.

In the movie the pyramid is often seen from afar, and in warm light. The video below makes it clear that the thing is actually a lot more colourful in real life. Some of the rows of stele are red. You can also make out the heiroglyphs on the sides in all their detail. Although it's no doubt a case of 'step and repeat', a lot of work has gone into the miniature. I love the hybrid Egyptian design aesthetic used for Ra and his minions' props and costumes. It nearly articulates the movie's central idea that, in fact, Egyptians were copying the alien culture.

I think what is being offered at auction is one of the bits of the pyramid miniature's surface. If that's the case it must be fairly small - perhaps 6" tall at most. Rather tellingly, the ebay listing doesn't specify the size of the piece. I suspect there's a bit of smoke and mirrors going on to try and fleece some poor charlie out of £699.

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