Monday, 18 March 2013

Cutting edge military hardware

A friend of mine has just returned from Abu Dhabi. While there he slightly randomly ended up in the International Defense Fair - a showcase of cutting edge military technology. While not wishing to glamourise modern weaponry, I am fascinated by the aesthetics displayed by some of the gear. 

Drones, it seems, are all the rage and many of the systems were unmanned. This leads to large, uncluttered flat surfaces devoid of vision slots and other paraphernalia which might normally aid crew members. Indeed, there were some vehicles which were manned, but piloted via video systems so the on-board driver doesn't have to be seated at the front with a windshield. Freed from such constraints such carriers look more like smooth, angular torpedoes.

Most astonishingly some of the equipment seems to come straight out of James Cameron's Aliens. There were fully automated tripod-mounted machine guns, much like those used in the famous scene cut from the theatrical release. The unit can scan for targets using both normal light and infra red. There was also a portable banks of screens able to show the head-cam, gun-cam and vital functions of team members.

It's game over, man!

The automated sentry gun system

Cut-away showing a carrier where the diver sits in the mid-section and navigates using video

 The portable video rack showing head and gun-cam footage


  1. That is ... frightening. And also incredible. Say hello to asymmetric warfare 2.0!

  2. I love that the carrier looks like an Aliens APC by way of 1970s Giugiaro- it's even more retro than all the Aliens inspired model APCs on the market!

  3. LMAO!!!! xD that's no sentry gun but manufactured by General Dynamics - Armament and Technical Products(GDATP) Mk.47 Mod 0 weapon system, also called "Striker40" - 40mm automatic grenade launcher with an integrated fire control system ...IT ISN'T AUTONOMOUS [so far ;)]

  4. Hey Dirt Diver

    Apologies - you clearly have a much better understanding of these things than I do. It's a Mk.47? Well, I am sure the Mk.48 will be fully automated and herald the Ragnarok that is The War Against the Machines.

  5. so far the only existing and working sentry guns that I am aware of have been developed and manufactured by South Korea. First manufactured by Samsung defense subsidiary - Samsung Techwin while the second by DoDaam Systems LTD

    Samsung SGR-A1

    Super aEgis II

  6. Just stumbled on this post, but the penultimate photo reminded me very much of this gem, from the long-defunct Yaquinto games company: