Sunday, 24 February 2013

The genius of Brian Muir

I had not heard of Brian Muir until a friend linked to his site last week. Mr Muir has been the 'go to guy' for sculpture (particularly for sets) in the movie industry since the late 70s. He began his career on a middling budget sci-fi movie that was based on old pulp reels - a kind of western in space. Fortuitously that film turned out to be Star Wars. From there his CV looks like a roll-call of the best big-budget movies you could compile; Alien, Clash of the Titans, Excalibur, The Dark Crystal... all the way up to Skyfall.

Brian is, of course, best known for his work on Star Wars. Much of the material on the internet relates to this. The first half of the interview below provides an interesting insight into his involvement on the movie. However, it's clear that he is an awesomely talented artist who is more than capable of creating stunning pastiches and facsimiles of monumental sculpture from any historical period. Most impressively he creates these huge pieces very quickly. He and a colleague made the entire entrance section of the derelict set in Alien in under four weeks. He often uses polystyrene as this is both economical and light-weight.

Working on the environments for Alien

Set decoration for Sleepy Hollow

A statue for Excalibur

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  1. Cool to see an interview with the man.
    Keith short is another of his contemporaries that may also befit the title genius .