Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Glass at the V&A museum

I must confess that until rather recently glass and ceramics have not really interested me. However, my appreciation is swiftly growing after a couple of recent museum visits. The British Museum has a wonderful collection of Far Eastern ceramics including some astounding modern pieces. Their form and the colours, textures and effects on the glazes are quite fascinating.

I dropped into the V&A on New Year's Eve and they have an impressive collection of glasswear. The galleries make excellent use of lighting which reveal the objects in all their majesty. I was inspired by the collection en masse and the colours and reflective patterns that form when the one looks along cabinets rather than just into them, as intended. I was rather pleased with the pictures below, taken with my aging little Canon IXUS.

In looking at these cabinets I was reminded of the first segment of Johnny Hardstaff's Sony 'Test' Idents featuring glasses shattering as shelves collapse. Perhaps not something the V&A wants to try though.

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