Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bioshock Infinite VS Beyond the Black Rainbow

I suspect someone at Irrational Games has been watching the Beyond the Black Rainbow trailer. The new Bioshock Infinite viral, below, uses a lot of the moody synth, coloured lights and faux 70s corporate logos found in the work of Rainbow director Panos Cosmatos.

I am not adverse to borrowing / imitation, but it's a shame that Irrational, with all their resources and creative talent, didn't add anything new into the mix.

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  1. I watched that movie on your reccomendation , its proper trippy , a real gem , the bit where he is reborn is genius. Its impossible to tell from the real seventies sci fi stuff. The sound is what captured me most. The intro was so bold , it reminded me in a way of the intro to the eighties film quiet earth. Another interesting movie that plays with your expectations is melancholia .
    System shock is still my fave of this genre.:-)