Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nikon results

I sometimes take out my beloved vintage Nikon FM for the sheer joy of hearing the shutter snap and the gears clunk in its satisfyingly-weighty metal chassis. However, these occasions are infrequent and it therefore takes me ages to get through a whole film. I recently completed my second roll and took it to the local Jessops for developing and scanning.

What a mistake that was! The folk at the Jessops lab, who I am sure are very well-meaning, have produced the most detestable set of scans imaginable. The auto-contrast has ruined most of the detail and I am left with a muddy set of images. I could get the negs re-scanned but the cost would be prohibitive. Next time I am going to see if there's someone online who will do a decent dip-and-scan package.

I would say 'enjoy', but instead I'll just ask you to tolerate the images below. :-(


  1. Perhaps I lack an eye for photography, but these are still excellent shots, and I wish I could have seen them in all their glory.

  2. That's kind of you SF. I am sure the negs are good it's just these bloomin' scans that are abominable. When you see them at full rez you'd understand what I mean.