Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OMG! Documentary about Jodorowsky's 'Dune'

All movie fans love to imagine what the failed projects of legend would have been like - David Lynch's Empire Strikes Back, Vincent Ward's Alien 3 and Terry Gilliam's Watchmen. One of the greats is Jodorowsky's Dune. It has a particular appeal as so many of the creatives involved later went on to be serious movers and shakers in the sci-fi world. Notably Giger and Foss went on to work on Alien. It transpires there's a documentary being made about the ill-fated Dune project and below is a trailer. From this (and the reminiscences he penned as part of his introduction to 20th Century Foss), one can see that Jodorowski is an adorably bonkers fellow.

"I wanted to make something sacred, free, with new perspectives...open the mind!"



  1. Awesome. I just watched the Moebius documentary and Jodorowsky is in it... being passionate. Good stuff.

    Here's Moebius link.


    Enki Bilal is in it for a minute too.

  2. Hey Skeller - thanks ever so much for the link. Haven't seen that documentary so I look forward to watching it. Bilal is my hero!

  3. Gotta love it when Jodorowsky goes on about the US: "I shit on America!" lol