Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thierry Mugler's 'Chimere' dress

Adriana Sklenarikova wears the Chimere dress with and articulated gold body made from scales, feathers, horsehair and embroidered rhinestones.

Mugler was born in 1948 and shot to fame in the 80s as an internationally recognized fashion designer. As well as his career in haute couture one of his lasting accolades is that he created the famous black dress worn by Demi Moore in the movie Indecent Proposal. His brand was revitalized in 2010 when the designer Nicola Formichetti (most famous for working with Lady Gaga) became creative director.

I. Want. That. Dress.


  1. You could pull off that dress...

    ... and somehow I can imagine you turning up to work in it...

  2. one of the best dresses :) i bet steve wants that dress, whoever steve is lol.