Tuesday, 24 July 2012

War & Peace 2012

I teamed up with a couple of good friends this weekend just gone to visit the annual tank-fest that is the War & Peace show. The event is always a reliably good day out, featuring bucket-loads of arena events, living history displays, activities and massive amounts of trade stands.

The event is so jam-packed with stuff to see and do the overriding feeling is that you could happily spend the whole weekend there. Truth be told, it's the shopping we really go for. There is a veritable Alladin's cave of stuff to buy, ranging from detritus through gold dust to absolute rip-offs. Variability aside, the range of surplus gear is astounding.

On the way back we stopped at the wonderful gastro-pub The Farm House in West Malling and compared our loot over supper. My pal Godzilla 1985 got the most surreal haul. I tallied it up in my notebook so I could share it with you all:

A Hawaiian shirt
An exploded hand grenade
Two flags
A hat for a ventriloquist's dummy
Two belts of shell casings
A bag
A Tie
A digital camouflage jacket
Aviator sunglasses
Five doughnuts
An icecream - a Mr Softie in a special 'waffle' cone

A day well spent, you'll agree!

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