Sunday, 1 July 2012

The joys of Mac

Long time readers may recall my rant at MESH computers, who sold me my last PC. The thing died a while back, but Lazarus like, rose from the dead for a while. It failed again earlier this month and I've decided to resist any resuscitation and give it (and me) some peace. Instead I bought a lovely second hand MacBook from the excellent Steve Buddle to use as my backup and media machine (I have an iMac as my main rig). The thing works like a dream, despite being several years old.

The iMac has done pretty well but recently suffered an annoying problem. Some discolourations, which I assumed was dust, appeared between the outer glass screen and the surface of the LCD. I had taken out the AppleCare plan so a cheery courier came to my office to pick the thing up for cleaning. It transpired that the LCD itself had developed a fault, so they replaced the component entirely and couriered it back to my office. All this was free. It was followed by a full restore using Time Machine, which worked like a treat.

I am not evangelical about Macs as I think they have their faults. I paid a good whack for the AppleCare but feel I got my money's worth for entire replacement of the screen and the swift service. However, Apple's finite range means customers know where they and their machine stand. The combination of closed-ecosystem and oversight of both hardware and software allows Apple to avoid the abstruse. They're not catering for infinite possible hardware combinations and so apps like Time Machine are a breeze to use.

As they say, "Once you go Mac, you won't go back".


  1. Well I do like my Macs. You're right, they're not perfect as some may make out but they do make for a much simpler general user experience whether that be in operation or running the gauntlet of customer service.

    Now, I have to deal with the fact that I'm lusting after the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display... damn it's a lot of money (but it's so pretty).

  2. Steve - just been talking to a friend about this. Apparently the new Retina laptops are engineered in such a way that you cannot take them apart. This means you really should invest in the AppleCare to guard against accidents. Also, the basic spec is poor. So, even though they start at, like, £1.8k you really need to spend about £2.5k for a decent, protected one. Yikes!

  3. Actually the basic spec is pretty good. 8GB as standard, Quad Core i7s. Nothing to sneeze at. The Airs are similar in that they don't look that powerful on paper but mine is a fair beast. It's those SSDs that really make them quick.

  4. Even though I trained as graphic designer on macs I have never owned one.. I resisted getting one at first because I was a gamer as well .. and nothing to do with the pc software is so easy to get hold of ahem.. Also the perceived elitism of Mac user in the industry at the time when a pc could do the same job annoyed me .. I didn't want to belong to an exclusive designers apple club ..I wanted to be inclusive.. I paid a high price for my pc love.. frosted out of work . because apple is the industry design standard.. (rightly so I admit ) though its been a constant bug bare of mine to be honest .. I have spent far to long fixing problems on my pcs that I doubt would have happened if I owned a mac.I find the user interface a little strange now after all these years on pc's and to be fair to my old pc's they did keep me employed in the graphics industry for over ten years ..

    I think if I ever get a mac now it will be a ipad .. design doesn't hold the allure it once did for me.. and I doubt I could afford the mac I would want for design plus the expense of all the new software..

  5. Writing this on a 16GB retina MBPro... It is unbelievable. and as some of you know, have an intense relationship with the company :)

    This is the post PC era, but this is the PC to define the era. I'm sure you've seen the film.

  6. Hey Migs - thanks for the video link. Not seen that one so it was good to watch. I think Macs are, justifiably, on the rise in the West, but what about all those second and third world countries? Are PCs not still the dominant force there?