Monday, 9 July 2012

Giger documentaries

Below are two documentaries, back to back, on Giger's Necronomicon and his work on Alien.

There seems to have been a slew of vintage and modern Giger material uploaded in the past few years. I had no idea these pieces existed and I don't think I've ever seen excerpts in any of the other documentaries I've seen.

What's lovely about them is that they're very 'of their time'. The first is a leisurely overview of Giger's work up to his Necronomicon project. There are interviews with the man himself, patrons, agents and even his parents. You also get to see him in his rather cluttered studio (it was a revelation to me that he controls his airbrush with his thumb, and not his index finger). All of this is presented in wonderfully grainy 16mm film, complete with hipster fashions of the day and experimental 'Krautrock' from the band Brainticket.

The second documentary was made during his work on Alien by Giger's wife Mia. It's a slow affair with plodding narration (I suspect the English was added much later, and translates the Japanese subtitles). Nonetheless it's a fascinating treasure trove for fanboys. You get to see the beasts themselves, the derelict, the landscape of LV426 and the Jockey being built. There are snippets with Ridley Scott and behind-the-scenes footage of certain key scenes featuring the alien itself.

Take some time out, pour yourself a large cup of coffee (or absinthe) and tuck in...