Sunday, 6 May 2012

Yves Behar vs Apple

oobject has just posted a fascinating compilation of products designed by the uber-talented Yves Behar. Behar is most famous for his design of the JAWBONE jambox wireless speaker (top image below) and his concepts for the One Laptop Per Child project.

The article poses the question of whether Behar is one of a number of new challengers in the field of product destign, which Apple has dominated for the last decade. Looking at his work below, the rectilinear, grey-and-primary coloured objects (often featuring the triangle motif) are markedly different from Apple's glassy, brushed-steel offerings. I might even go so far as to say they feel more contemporary, given the way graphic design seems to be going today.

Apple has always proved itself to be adaptable and has not shyed away from updating its designs in the past (the move from glass-white to silver is a good example). I suspect it has little to fear. If the work of Behar and his contemporaries catches on, Apple with adapt accordingly. It's ironic to note, however, that the style of photography used to showcase Behar's work below is unmistakably 'Apple'!

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