Saturday, 7 April 2012

Adventures in Nottingham

With my epic move to the UK's Midlands complete I have started to scratch the surface of the city's cultural life to find the weird and wonderful things which lurk beneath. Here's what I've found so far...

Earlier this week I went to a talk given by The Emyprean - a pagan interest group in Nottingham. It was titled "Suffer Not a Witch to Live" and concerned the history of witchcraft in the Western World. It was given in the city's Theosophical hall - a solid brick municipal hall, the main chamber of which is decked out with book cases holding esoteric works. On the walls hang portraits of the likes of Helena Blavatski. Alas I had to leave part of the way through for the worst reason - I had to go and buy Easter eggs for my colleagues (a clash between the old order and the celebration of the Christian re-birth mythology).

I checked out the Gambling Lambs board game night at Nottingham's wonderful Lee Rosy cafe. I enjoyed watching a group play a title that jauntily proclaimed itself a 'paranoia-driven partly cooperative game' then joined in a very raucous and amusing round of Werewolf. The atmosphere was warm and the cafe's fair hearty so I'll definitely go back to Rosy's soon.

This little chap appeared in my front garden late in the week. He then made his way into the communal hall. I decided to help him on his journey and bring him up to my landing (complete with greeting note). Alas he has been replaced by a MASSIVE SOFA which my next-door neighbor bought in a fit of optimism only to find he can't actually fit it in his flat, so the thing remains in the corridor. Arse.

The Wiki entry for the pub Ye Olde Trip to Jerulsalem dryly reports that the establishment is one of twenty claiming to be the oldest public house in the land. "First!" or not, the place is certainly old and makes a great haunt on a cold night. The rooms are full of character and many have legends attached to them - the haunted snug, the haunted model ship, the haunted... you get the idea.

This cheeky blighter adorns my desk at work. Occasionally he whispers malevolent threats at me. I generally respond with a stern look and a proclamation that I have a great deal of work to do so can he please go and bother someone else. 


  1. Delightful. Sounds like you are getting along quite well, there. I would have very much liked to attend that talk.

  2. Added to the "must visit" list! And it's already such a long list, too....

  3. As desk ornaments go, the maleolent skull sure beats a stapler or a gonk, hands down! Awesome to see you enjoying Nottingham.

  4. Ye Olde is great place, that is for sure! Did you try their three drink platey thing, "Ye Olde Trip", if I recall the name correctly? You could choose three different beers in it and make your own "trip" in the name of the beer...

    The only thing I was kind of annoyed was the over-productization of the place; there were t-shirts, mugs, playing cards and stuff like in the colours of the brand, like in some sort of tourist boutique. Ok, the beer "Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem" was good :P